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Geoscience Adventures is the educational arm of the Bighorn Basin Geoscience Center - click on home (above) or see geoscienceadventures.com


The Bighorn Basin GeoScience Center is an approved non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the study, conservation & appropriate display of the northern Bighorn Basinís natural resources, and to the promotion of geoscience and local historical and educational activities, through exhibits and educational materials for educators, geoscientists, tourists and the people of Wyoming.


Our Situation

The northern Bighorn Basin of Wyoming contains extensively documented fossil deposits dating 550 million years ago (Cambrian Period) to the present. These include world famous localities with extensive fossil deposits that contain dinosaur bones, eggshells and trackways, as well as primitive mammal fossils. These deposits are located on privately held land as well as on state and federal land.

Major fossil discoveries have been, and are currently being, collected and removed from this part of the Bighorn Basin because suitable preparation, storage and display facilities do not exist in our area.

Professional scientists, including world famous geologists, paleontologists and anthropologists, have conducted research activities in this area for over 100 years. These research activities are only loosely coordinated among entities, and thus the rich natural resources of the area remain relatively unknown to the people of Wyoming. More importantly, the relationship of these resources and the Bighorn Basin remains disconnected in the minds of the world.

The Bighorn Basin GeoScience Center will include comprehensive displays which describe and explain the paleogeolographic history of the basin and will feature major fossil discoveries from the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming, displayed in the context of the environment that was prevalent in the timeframe the animals existed.

The major goal of the Bighorn Basin Geoscience Center is to establish a permanent facility that will serve as a museum and interpretive center for Bighorn Basin natural resources, including major fossil discoveries from this part of Wyoming.

The Center currently operates as a self-guided museum in a storefront location in downtown Greybull, Wyoming to provide a physical presence until a new museum building is funded and erected.

Contact Cliff at cliffmanuel84@gmail.com or 307-765-2259 for additional information.

This website will be updated periodically to reflect progress and describe how you and other interested visitors to this site can be active participants and support this endeavor.



Cliff Manuel, Museum Director

Phone: (307) 765-2259

or (866) 307-765-2259 toll free


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