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Our Educational Workshops are developed and led by members of our Science Team, assisted by participating instructors who are respected geoscientists with many years of experience in their respective fields of expertise. We believe that we have the best instructional team of its type in our area and our workshop participants agree.



C&RCliff and Row Manuel ~ Cliff Manuel, a retired aerospace engineering systems manager, and Rowena Manuel, a retired teacher and Bighorn Basin native, are co-founders of the educational program and serve as coordinators and facilitators for all team activities. Cliff is also the museum director at the Bighorn Basin Geoscience Center in Greybull, Wyoming.



Mikey in Field.jpgTHE SCIENCE TEAM - 2017

Michael Brett-Surman, Ph.D. ~ Mike has been employed by the National Museum of Natural History since 1979 and has conducted geoscience research, collections, and outreach programs in the Bighorn Basin area since 1992. His participation as a teacher is voluntary and there is no cost to the students. This program is not affiliated with the National Museum of Natural History.

Mike is co-editor, with Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., and Dr. James Farlow, of the second edition of “The Complete Dinosaur”.

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Carol Hotton, Ph.D.  ~ Carol brought a new emphasis on Mesozoic plant paleocology of the Morrison and Cloverly Formations to our workshops. This is important since paleontologists were finding an abundance of ancient plant material in the area, especially at the Bob Simon dinosaur digsite area that we visit near Shell, Wyoming.




Erik Gyp SpringsErik. P. Kvale, Ph.D. ~ Erik is a native of Greybull, Wyoming, and is intimately familiar with the Bighorn Basin. He has a Ph.D. in geology from Iowa State University and is an internationally recognized sedimentologist and stratigrapher.  He has worked extensively in northern Wyoming, the mid-continent, and internationally, and has authored over 50 articles on various aspects of geology.


Erik currently is a Senior Geological Advisor with Devon Energy Corporation and an instructor (and past Field Camp Director) at the Iowa State University Geology Field Station in Shell.  He is also the co-discoverer of the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite near Shell, Wyoming, and co-founder of our educational program.



During the past dozen years, the following geoscientists/educators have assisted in workshop development and as instructors for our workshops. Much of the program's success can be attributed to their participation. And, they are certainly welcome to participate again in the future.


Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., Ph.D. ~ Tom is a renowned vertebrate paleontologist and Senior Lecturer and Director, Earth, Life and Time Program, in the Department of Geology at the University of Maryland. He has published extensively on the phylogeny, morphology, ecomorphology, and locomotion of terrestrial predators, especially on tyrannosaurids and other theropod dinosaurs. He has also been consulted as a scientific advisor for the Walking With Dinosaurs BBC series.

Tom is co-editor, along with Dr. Michael K. Brett-Surman., and Dr. James Farlow, of the second edition of The Complete Dinosaur.


 Jack Beuthin, Ph.D.  ~ Until recently, Jack was Professor of Geology and Chair of the Department of Geology & Planetary Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, where he taught courses in sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, and historical geology.


 Jack is a sedimentary geologist and is best known for his work on fossil soils and on cycles of sea-level change as recorded in ancient sedimentary strata.  Jack shares an equal interest in utilizing the marvelous geology of the Bighorn Basin and Big Horn Mountains to teach geology and paleontology to workshop participants.


 James Farlow, Ph.D.  ~ Jim is professor of geology at Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, and an internationally recognized authority on dinosaur and reptile footprints.  He is the co-editor of the award-winning book “The Complete Dinosaur”.  Jim has done research on the function of Stegosaurus plates, the shape and function of theropod teeth, and the paleoecology of dinosaur communities.  His current research is concerned with how exactly we can identify the makers of dinosaur footprints; in the course of this work he has done experiments with footprint formation by large ground birds, and has measured bird, theropod and ornithopod foot skeletons in museums around the world.


Steve Hasiotis, Ph.D.  ~ Steve is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Geology, University of Kansas. His main research focuses on interactions in the continental realm, where organism activity relates to the history of the soil formation and the record of paleobiodiversity not recorded by body fossils in deposits where they are lacking. His interests include the distribution of trace fossils in the continental realm, evolution of organism behavior, evolution of continental ecosystems, the interpretation of past climates from paleosols, and effects of extinctions on soil biota and their recovery.


Kim Sowder, GISP ~ Kim has a B.S. degree in Geography from Indiana State University and is a certified Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist. She was a cartographer and the cartographic supervisor for the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) for 27 years, and is now employed at Devon Energy. Kim received the 2010 Staff Merit Award from Indiana University for excellence in service for her efforts to disseminate science and geographic information to teachers and students.


Bob and TinaRobert (Bob) and Tina King ~ Bob received the Presidential Award of Excellence for Mathematics and Science Teaching in 2007.  He has developed activities with teachers and scientists to integrate science and mathematics.  His work with scientists in the Big Horn Mountains and with the Consortium for Ocean Leadership’s School of Rock has encouraged his integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) into the classroom. He worked with scientists and teachers at the Gulf Coast Repository at Texas A & M in 2007 and 2008, and was selected to participate on a research experience on the deep- sea research vessel, the JOIDES Resolution in September 2010.  Bob worked as a volunteer at the Smithsonian, along with other education projects in 2010-11 while living in Washington, DC.


Tina received the Presidential Award of Excellence for Mathematics and Science Teaching in 1999, and the National Association of Geo Science Teachers K-12 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award for the Southeastern Region in 2004.  Working with scientists in the Big Horn Mountain teacher workshops, a two-month field experience in Antarctica in 2001, and an immersive research experience with scientists at the Gulf Coast Repository at Texas A & M in 2007 and 2008 changed her teaching to bring real-world science into the classroom. She was selected to be an Einstein Fellow in Washington DC in 2010/11 for the National Science Foundation's Division of Human Resource Development (HRD): Research on Gender in Science and Engineering program.



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